Most people prefer to stay on the winners team. Top players tend to attract other top players to their projects. Many of whom have been inspired to join or stay in the team due to the talents they get to work with.
The best-performing companies, it turns out, achieve economic leadership by focusing on their resources and augmenting the power of scale using an array of assets and capabilities that surpass those of competitors. This means that leaders need to stretch their full-potential ambition and challengers can and should play to win.

Technology management can be defined as the integrated planning, design, optimization, operation and control of production and processing technological products. And now also including digital solutions to boost business further. Higher output at lower cost and less time from order to delivery.

Inspiration management Leaders in technology driven companies focus on their company culture, and how deliberate they are about building it through management at all levels.

Engaged workers are more productive than the satisfied ones, but experience show that if they work for an inspiring boss, the effect is even higher productivity gains.