Is IT on a strategic level in your company? If not that is one area to start. Because new technology is a business driver which must be part of the strategic base. If you change business strategy and focus IT must follow.

Make sure you have the best resources needed to start the transformation and make new IT solutions part of your business.

ERP management is the process of overseeing all matters related to information technology operations and resources needed in both the IT department and throughout the organization. ERP involves all functions and levels and as part of running business.

For a company to handle the digital shift as part of growing the business, IT (often seen as ERP) engages every department – not only the IT function it self. Every part of the organization must be included when new ERP-systems or IT solutions are being implemented.

So what do you do? The digital shift has to be guided and challenged. Don’t hide or procrastinate. Change may requires transforming the current business process. This often leads to new tasks, roles and responsibility. IT technology involves every part of your business, each department and all employees.

Change creates uncertainty
where different stakeholders have their opinions about what’s needs to be done. North is a strategic partner and can guide you how to handle todays IT challenges and help you to get or stay profitable.