Career guiding is vital in todays constant changing work place. We assist managers and specialists in drafting their career. It is part of the headhunter routine. We therefor are online with the work climate and can assist both individuals as companies in handling change. Many of our best resources use North to nurse their career. We look for high potentials all the time, and nurse them to coach their potential to higher levels still. Take contact if you are looking for candidates that are ready for new challenges.

Think about it; you’re a busy professional, already in a C-level position, or perhaps you’re well on your way there. You live and strive in a hectic work environment, it’s your job. The day-to-day concerns you handle include ensuring that your company is successful and that your teams are motivated and inspired. Developing others is key to your success, but chances are you spend more time nursing others rather than managing your own career.

Not taking care of your own career is shortsighted. Being the loyal and trustworthy manager or specialist you may be bypassed in todays market. You know that good management requires long-term strategic planning and ongoing investment to ensure success. This philosophy is no different when it comes to managing your career. In fact headhunters need that the market of available resources keep up with the fast changing market. North Consultants as executive career coach, know the Nordic market well, can both guide and inspire you to boost your career.