• Disruptive markets need new thinking

The name of the game is to pick the right strategy that can fulfill your goals.

Where are you today? What is your position? Are you still competitive and do you know what the others you are up against are thinking? Whether the market is being disrupted, as the airlines Norwegian and Ryan Air have done, or the changes in the market place make way for others to expand by capturing positions, North Consultants urge our clients to define a strategy. How to handle todays market which is changing.

Where do you want to go? Are there positons that are availble to take? New markets North Consultants so far have looked at as no go. Again in a changing market opportunities emerges and can make way for new business. Or maybe you are just looking to secure the position you already have. Either way take contact if you wish to look things over.


Market leaders

Play by the «rules»

North Consultants - Reinvest in existing market advantages

Bend the «rules»

North Consultants - Raise the stakes

Break the «rules»

North Consultants -Redefine the industry


Hitchhike - On the market leaders strategy
Highjack - By winning in the most attractive customer profit pools
Disrupt to change the rules of the game, challenge the existing

North Consultants’

North Consultants systematic approach to strategic Go To Market consultancy is leading to stronger market positions.

We work with business owners, board, CEO and directors of technology companies to help them realize their vision and strategy.

We source talents to make sure the job will be done.

North Consultants

North Consultants consists of senior consultants with decades of practical management experience in the Nordic and international market.

All our consultants have C-level management background and with higher education.

We work on a strategic level and make use of our expertise to assist our clients in achieving their goals. We hold nothing back.

We are Go To Market experts and our mission is to make a difference, find new market opportunities and secure business.

Cato Svendsen - Partner - North Consultants

Cato Svendsen

VP Business Development

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Torgeir Meland Landaas - Associate Partner -North Consultants

Torgeir M. Landaas

Associate Partner

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Vidhu George - Finance Consultant - North Consultants

Vidhu George

Finance Consultant

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Tore Matre - Partner -North Consultants

Tore Matre


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Eric C. Finsaas - Associate Partner - North Consultants

Eric C. Finsaas

Associate Partner
International Business Development

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Hilde Thømte, Associate Partner, HR Consultant, Career advisor - North Consultants

Hilde Thømte

Executive Consultant, Career advisor

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Per Sørum - Partner - North Consultants

Per Sørum

VP Sales

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Erik Andreassen - Associate Partner, CFO - North Consultants

Erik Andreassen

Executive Finance Consultant

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Torben Schiermer

Senior Partner / Regional Manager Denmark

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